Should You Kill Yourself to Be With A Loved One Who Has Died ?

I have heard that some people want to commit suicide to be with a loved one who has died.

Depending on a person's beliefs about death and "the" afterlife, I could understand this kind of thinking. But we also need to ask ourselves about our beliefs about life and living.

In order to think it through we might ask ourselves this:

  • Would the person who died want you to kill yourself -
    to end your life - to be with him or her ?

Think of it in reverse.

  • If you were to die first, would you want your loved one
    to commit suicide to be with you in an afterlife ?

As an example, my husband has made it very clear that he absolutely does not want this for me and he makes me promise.  He wants me to live on and be happy and make the most of the rest of my life if we are separated by death.  I would want the same for him.  As long as I am taking my supplements and they are still working for me, I am sure I can keep my promise.

Other thoughts to consider:

My hubby reminded me of this one:  Whatever is over there on the other side, time doesn't matter.  If our loved ones are somewhere in an afterlife, they are in no hurry.

And, some fears can be healthy:  We still really don't know if we would end up in the same afterlife - if the modes of death were different i.e. natural death -vs- suicide.


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