Suicide Crisis Center

When No Hope Is In Sight


Wednesday's Child


What To Do If You Are Suicidal

If You Are In Suicidal Danger



You Can Call Anytime - Most Hotlines are 24/7

Call for Comfort - Call To Survive

Call or E-mail

Suicide Hotlines

Why Call ? How Can It Possibly Help ?
What to Expect When You Call a Suicide Hotline



Get Counseling if you want it

Online or Offline

Call or e-mail, Free or fee

Crisis Call Chart

Phonebook, Doctor, HMO, Free Clinic

Call & Make an appointment



Get Family Support

Call or E-mail Someone You Know -

Someone who cares

Family Support

Print-Out online material for them to read

Show them books they can buy

to help them understand



Call Someone!
Go See Someone!

  • Family
  • Friend
  • Co-worker
  • Emergency Room
  • Urgent Care Clinic
  • Crisis Center

Call Someone!
Go See Someone!

  • Clergy Person
  • Medical Doctor
  • Psychiatrist
  • Counselor
  • Teacher, Dean
  • Professor

Try to be Truthful about how badly you feel. Don't Minimize or Discount your pain to those who are concerned and want to help.

Don't Be Alone
Be With People

  • Ask a Friend or Family to Come Over
  • To Stay With You For a While
  • Or To Stay Overnight

Don't Be Alone
Be With People

  • Go to the Home of a Friend or Family
  • Stay For a While
  • Stay Overnight



Read & Learn
Read Online Pages - Buy Books To Read

Read & Learn

( I'm not going to read a book! )



Choose & Start Your Treatment

Call & Make an appointment

Go To The Doctor For A Prescription

Let the Doctor Diagnose you,

Choose a treatment - Refer you to a specialist

Getting Treatment

Take Steps To Start Your Treatment

Implement, Tolerate, Persist

Start Taking Vitamins


Overcoming Obstacles to Treatment



How To Cope - How To Survive
Basic Suicidal Survival
Distraction Can Save



Why Live ?

Why Live ? When You Want To Die?



For Teens & Parents of Teens




There Are Few Words Which Can Comfort
Suicidal Persons in Crisis...



When You Feel You Can't Go On...

Call a Suicide Hotline

Crisis Counselors are waiting for your call...

Call Someone Now




Suicide Crisis Center

What To Do If You Are Suicidal


Suicide Hotlines
Suicide Hotlines
Crisis Call Chart
Crisis Call Chart
Family Support
Family Support
Why Live ?
Why Live ?

Read & Learn

Basic Survival


Treating Depression 



Suicide Is Not Justified | Suicidal Brain Repair

I Feel Cured Every Day | About My Treatment 

The Right to Commit Suicide | Author's Treatment Page

Suicide Prevention In Your Area - What You Can Do




Solemn Poetry



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