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How I Have Successfully Treated
My Severe, Chronic, Suicidal Depression
Since 1990

Web Author, Melody Clark, Age 50

My Dear Viewers,

I have created these sites from my own life experiences going through and coming out of some terribly suicidal times.

Ulitmately, I believe that there was no amount of love and support that could have saved my life.

What I wanted and needed to know, was that I could absolutely, positively, get rid of the terrible suffering I could no longer endure.

And just like you, I was very stubborn.

I did not want antidepressants and psychotherapy.

What saved me ?

This disorder can be started from stressful life events and tragedies...

But for many people just like me,

  • it has less to do with life,
  • and has much more to do with brain chemistry.

This was a tremendous relief to me when I realized this over 17 years ago.

A Relief ? Why ?
Because it broke the shroud of mystery about "what was wrong with me?"  It wasn't "me" - it was my body, my physical brain - not some mysterious psychological problem. It was a physiological, biological problem that I could fix !

Endogenous Depression

If you are overly-sensitive with a feelings-easily-hurt personality, if you are easy to offend or anger which leads to upset-inspired suicidal episodes, you may have “endogenous (produced from within)” depression like I do.  Stop looking for some external cause, life situation or person for the cause.

Change your brain chemistry and change your life.  With the right supplements and modifications to your brain chemistry, you can stop getting so hurt and so mad so easily, and you won’t believe how different your life could be.

You can get married or stay married because you won’t fight so much.  People won’t hurt you so much, so you won’t get so upset.  There will be less love lost between you and anyone you deal with.  The less you get upset, the better your life will be.

Happiness and love come from the right chemistry in your brain and you can be more naturally fulfilled – your emptiness can be filled from within – no more black hole that no one can fill no matter how much they say they love you.

Some people have a hard time with the concept of how brain chemistry can really help.  If you suffer badly from suicidal depression, it is very likely that you are in short supply of many crucial nutritional ingredients.

"Personality Soup"

Emotions are made from a sort of chemical “recipe.”  Our brain and body use the nutrients it can locate inside the body to make the best person and personality it can.

If the kids are hungry and we need to make soup, even if we are out of onions, potatoes and salt, we make the best soup we can out of the ingredients on hand.  It might not taste as good but it is still soup.

When the body is missing or low on the "ingredients" that the brain needs to make the recipe for a happy, friendly person, it will go ahead and make the best person it can and often that will be a sad, angry, unhappy person.  And there are millions of people just like that.

The depressed and suicidal look like normal human beings, but inside, are missing some of the ingredients the body needs to make us feel happy and fulfilled from the inside.

A piano looks like a piano, even if some of it's keys are missing and out of tune.  Is it still a piano ?  Yes.  Can it still play music ? Yes, but the tune won’t be very pretty.  Unless it gets a tune-up or repair, it will never again play beautiful music.  It's created purpose will never be fulfilled until it is repaired and restored.

So you walk around, expected to be like everyone else, but inside, you are crying and dying.  You don't understand your own feelings.  You think of all the reasons you should be happy.  Yet, you feel lost, alone, hopeless, ashamed, full of sorrow, and unworthy of being helped.

Some of you will be more angry, maybe hostile, or violent - blaming people in your life, your circumstances, the government, society, or God for a life that perhaps should never have been.

But you think nothing is wrong with you - this is just the way you came - you have a right to your anger and all the anger you feel is justified - the world deserves your wrath - and it's all their fault.  You can't imagine where the problem is really coming from.

A color inkjet printer is often made to hold 4 ink cartidges – black and the 3 primary colors.  Well, what if the color pictures keep coming out black and white ?

And even though the color indicators flash "low ink, low ink" - the printer hatefully denies that it needs a new set of color cartridges.  The printer is angry and frustrated "Nothing is wrong with me - I don't need anything !"  Furious, the printer keeps trying to print color pictures - and is secretly humilitated that it can’t will itself to do so.

Learn how to refill your happiness
"emotion cartridges" today.

Although I am writing my own book about my treatment, you can start getting the same kind of help today from books written by doctors and the supplements they recommend.

Remember, Web Sites, Hotlines, and Crisis Centers are important measures to help get you through the night, but by day you must find and choose a treatment.

Yes, we all know that life can be really tough, and we don’t always know why we are here, but we were given a life and I believe we were meant to live it through to the end.

Please don’t end yours early.

Love and hope,
Melody Clark

1/15/06 New ! Also, I am currently working on showing you my treatment - what I take, and my recommendations for you at DepressionLife.com - I hope you'll take a look :)

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