What is Help ?

Dear Viewers,

People come to sites like these for

  • Many different reasons
  • Many different life situations
  • with Many different needs

Expecting too much help from any one source can be
Disappointing, Depressing, and Dangerous.

This site is authored by one person.

As much as I wish I could, I am not going be able help everyone who comes here.

What is help ?
  • Something that temporarily diverts you from attempting suicide.
  • Something that temporarily reduces awareness of pain.
  • Something that Keeps You Alive.

It is important for you to understand now, what I did not understand till I was out of danger the last time I almost died:

We are often looking for ONE BIG HELP.  We want immediate, sweeping, overwhelming relief and salvation from this terrible affliction.

But help isn’t always just one big help – it can be lots of little helps along the way, from all kinds of people, and web sites, and TV shows, and movies, and dogs and cats, and maybe God or the Universe, and people who love us and people who don’t.

Remember, web sites and hotlines are important measures to help you get through until your treatment begins to work or until you find that right treatment.

We need comfort and support,
but our main focus has got to be

Starting Treatment
of any kind IS or will be, that one big help,
if it works and if it's the right treatment for you.

And for me, not feeling depressed,
feeling "treated" everyday --
that's the best help of all :)

Love and hope,
Melody Clark

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