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Grief (or Stress)
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Although I don't feel that this is my "area of expertise," I thought my personal experience might be of help to some...

Temporary use of Antidepressants & other similar treatments for depression can absolutely help get you through grief & loss...

  • Relationship Breakup
  • Divorce
  • Death

Although I wasn't clinically depressed for several years prior, I became devastated by my previous horrible marriage & subsequent divorce. I could hardly work or function, was in constant pain, could not stop crying or would cry in the middle of conversations with clients.

I was so desperate, that I resorted to subliminal tapes. They may have comforted me a bit & helped me through the terrible nights of weeping. But I was alarmed at how desperate I felt and knew I was headed for suicide without some kind of help.

I finally went back to the therapist my former spouse and I went to for marriage counseling. And this was before the advent of Prozac & Paxil. The therapist gave me an old antidepressant, Triavil.

Well, it worked right away and simply put - it saved me. I still hurt badly for along time. But it helped me tremendously. It took the edge off and helped me stop crying all day or every time I spoke to anyone. I could work better and focus better and no longer thought of suicide.

After a few months, I knew that I could stop the pills and I would be alright. And I was alright. I went on to meet my beloved husband of 18 years now, my true soul mate - we were engaged after a week and married in 6 months with never a moment of regret.

And I don't mean to make lonely people feel more lonely. I am saying this to give hope to people who feel that they will never find anyone ever again and/or feel as if they don't want to.

That usually changes with time. And you never know who might be a good match for you. My husband was beyond what I thought was my desired age range and he had dogs, which I wasn't thrilled about. But after knowing him for a very short time, I was deeply enamored.

I am just trying to say that things can work out in a surprising way and timing. There is always hope in finding someone else.

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Other Possibilities
For Help With Grief or Stress Induced Depression:

  • Temporary use of the tranquilizer, Xanax, or the depression/anxiety drug, Paxil, can help you get through a divorce or other... Ask your doctor.
  • I've read that the Amino Acid Tyrosine or L-tyrosine can literally keep a spouse from dying after the loss of a long-time spouse.
  • The Amino Acid GABA, can be used temporarily for anxiety or grief, perhaps in combination with others.
I recently used this "grief formula" to get through the death of my beloved Great Dane. They live such a short life because they are so big. My dog was only 7 years old.
  • It hit me very hard. I cried and cried for days and couldn't stop. I wasn't clinically depressed or suicidal, just grieving deeply.
  • I said "heck with this," and went to my vitamin tower so see how I could help myself. I began taking daily doses of Tryptophan, Tyrosine, Taurine and GABA (500 to 1000mg of each per day).
  • I have these items on hand anyway and take them anyway, except for the GABA - but I made sure I took them together with the GABA everyday for a while. I was thankfully able to finish the worst of my grieving and loss in a more moderate and perhaps "normal" way.
  • Please read & research for yourself - you might check it out online or in nutrition books online or at the health food store.
  • Check with your Nutritional Doctor.
  • Or if you don't have one, visit or my Doctors & Clinics page to find a nutritional doctor.
  • In addition, I know from personal experience that vitamin B-5 (Pantothenic Acid) and Niacinamide (not niacin in this case) and Inositol (can help you tolerate stress from situations that you cannot change. I take 1000-2000mg of each almost every day anyway for my depression (500-1000 at a time).
  • Please read about them in a vitamin book before taking them, and keep in mind that you shouldn't take just one B-vitamin without also taking some of the others.
    • Or check in on my new site at for more on how I use vitamins for treating my depression.
  • And all B-vitamins can help with stress.
  • It doesn't mean you love the person or doggie less - it just allows you to go on with your life a little or a lot better.
  • No person or doggie would want your life to end just because theirs had to.


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